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  1. How does a restaurant get into the Michelin guide?

    Michelin Star sign image by Ricochet64 (via Shutterstock).

    The ever coveted Michelin Star: the gold standard of many restaurants the world over.  Image by Ricochet64 (via Shutterstock).

    Le Frog is an event catering company par excellence.  In order to keep abreast of the competition, continuous improvement is how we thrive.  It is good for continued custom and, throughout the West Country, we offer a wealth of dishes that any chef at a Michelin starred restaurant may be proud of.

    There is one question that enters the lips of many diners and contemporaries in our industry: what does it take to get a Michelin star rating?  Also, as to why it is important?

    The Michelin Star rating is the epicurean's answer to the Oscars.  It is a global standard for best practice in eateries from Aberdeen to Zennor. People are paid by the tyre company to find the best eateries with many of its reviewers having had more hot dinners than Rick Stein or Antony Worrall-Thompson.

    Their criteria is very exacting. Each reviewer goes to 250 restaurants a year. Or they spend three weeks of each month at a restaurant. They also look at consistency, value for money, flair, and the technical skills of the chefs. They are advised to eat three meals a day at a variety of eateries. Not only top class venues but also notable inns.

    A Michelin Star (or the lack of one) can make or break a restaurant.  It is seen by some commentators as a barometer of a city’s dining scene. Some restaurant critics cite regional bias as one possibility (Manchester’s eateries haven’t had a Michelin Star rating since 1974).

    Le Frog Catering, 09 May 2017.

  2. How does the wedding world compare with working in a Michelin-Starred restaurant?

    it's more personal, but the pressure is even higher. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event so there's no margin for error.

    Top menu trends for 2016?

    Bristish food & Old Classic are making a return. Prawn Cocktail is on the up and British Beef is incredibly popular. People ask for it even before they book.

    What are your signature dishes?

    We specialise in french cuisine,  our "assiette de la mer" is always a winner, it gives you the opportunity to have a taste of our home cured Loch duart salmon, Seared Hand Dive Scallops & Crab Madelaine and bit of Cuisine wizzardry like edible sand & molecular egg.

    our Duck Liver cornetto also make for an unsual icebreaker as a canape, too.


    Craziest Wedding moment of 2015?
    That would have to be the day we arrived on site after having surveyed the venue 2 weeks before to find the door locked & the site kitchen had been removed two days before.We had to be creative to say the least. But it's amazing what you can do when you have the right people working for you.


    Any advice for couples Planning their menus?

    Remember that you should enjoy the day, eat the food you like and let the professionals do what they do best.

    For more info visit

    duo scallops tuna 2

  3. chef Mikael Perret shares his secrets

    Mikael Perret has been developing his skill in making patisserie for as long as he can remember.

    He first discovered his love of the craft at a very early age in his native Brittany, taught by his grandmother and grandfather. Mikael has been refining his technique and thrilling his private catering clients throughout the southwest for more than 15 years, and the time has now come for him to share some of that knowledge.

    If you’ve never tried to make a choux pastry, or fill a profiterole your chance is coming.

    Mikael has joined forces with Gourmandine Creperie & Bistrot for a series of “Master Classes” and on 16 May he will be holding his very popular patisserie class for up to 25 lucky people.

    Examples of what guests can expect to learn about, and make include warm chocolate and hazelnut brownie and fondant, raspberry tarts with crème patisserie, profiteroles with chocolate granache and crème Chantilly, and of course short crust, sweet and choux pastry.

    Each student will have the opportunity to experiment and create, and of course take home whatever they make to share with friends and family.

    Mikael’s classes always combine gastronomy and fun with learning genuine skills you can use in your own kitchen.

  4. Le Croquembouche also Known As Piece Montee


    What is the secret of success of this “Decorative dessert consisting of choux pastry and crystallized fruit or other confectionery items arranged in a cone and held together by a caramel sauce? As described in the Oxford Dictionary.

    No doubt the architectural appearance of the cake sealed the future of this glorious dessert, thanks to a young baker troubled destiny: Marie-Antoine Carême, happy twist of fate that madeLent one of the most sought after pastry chefs in France, a culinary writer recognized. .. and the adoptive father of a wedding cake that had not yet burst we know it.

    His study of architecture allowed him indeed to reinvent the famous dessert and to raise the level of art, imposing soon the cake in royal banquets.

    The classical Piece, as originally composed the famous croquembouches from Paris, full of those little choux pastry filled with either crème Patissiere or crème Chantilly and standing united under the caramel cone. But the imagination is required for this sculpture of dessert, which is available today in many versions, by the grace of a skilled work sugar and pelletizing (decoration process to paste on the cake ornaments made from).

    Forms, ingredients, everything is permitted. Only imperative: the constituent elements must all be edible, it's tradition. The rest is a matter of patience for the artist-baker and price for customers in search of originality.

    Some examples: There are now different types of set pieces: in the shape of car, train, piano, horn of plenty ... The most common is the church, because it is shaped tip and reminds the traditional cone of cake.

    The achievement of set pieces custom is increasingly in demand: sugar lovers who hold hands, etc.....

    The recent appearance on the BBC Program Great British bake off also reignited the demand for Croquembouche

    Know before you give up to the tasting, the cutting of the first part of the cake comes necessarily to the bride - or, if the lady wishes, the Happy couple - otherwise, they said, sterility. ..

    Do you dare not to provoke the fall of the pair of figures on the top of the cake and skip the protests of the guest who refuses to share: everyone needs to experience the iconic dessert?

    The tradition is severe in terms of happiness.

    Mikael  Perret

    Le Frog Catering in Devon